Sample Programs

Sample week of blog program:

Day 1:
1) Deadlift: 4×6 same weight or heavier than last week
2) Banded back squat (NO pause): 8×3 heavier than last week
3a) Weighted back extensions: 3×10
3b) Glute-ham raises: 3×6-8 unweighted or 3×4-6 weighted
4) Hamstring/lower back mobility

Day 2:
1) Close-grip bench press: 5×2.2 heavier than last week across
2a) DB bench press: 4×12-15
2b) Barbell skull crushers: 4×12-15
3) Back squat: 2-2-1-1-1 increasing weight each set
4a) Plate front raise (overhead): 4×8-10
4b) Plate standing tricep extension: 4×15-20

Day 3:
1a) Alternating neutral grip DB standing strict press: 4×6 ea arm heavy
1b) Double DB bent-over row: 4×8-12 same weight as 1a
2) Front squat: 5×4 @ 75-80%
3) Stripper squats + jumping back squats, 6+4: 4 sets moderate/perfect
4) Weighted back extensions: 4×8 heavy across

Day 1:
1) Muscle snatch into squat: 4×3 slightly heavier than last week
2) Power snatch + OH squat + snatch: 5 sets heavy across
3) Snatch-pull from below knees: 4×4 heavier than Part 2
4) Back squat: 2-2-1-1-1 increasing weight each set

Day 2:
1) Clean without moving the feet + clean + jerk: Build to heavy for the day
2) Clean without moving the feet + clean + jerk: 2 sets @ 90% of Part 1
3) BTN Push press (jerk grip): 5×3 heavier than last week across
4) Front squat: 5×4 @ 75-80%

Day 3:
1) Push jerk + close-grip OHS (as low as possible with perfect back position), 4+2: 5 sets moderate
2) Snatch-grip DL + snatch-grip RDL, 4+4: 5 sets heavy
3) 3-stop clean pull (pause 2s just off floor, below knees, above knees, then finish pull from above knee): 4 sets heavy across (90+% of 1RM C&J)
4) Weighted back extensions: 4×8 heavy across

Sample week of 3-month powerlifting program:

Day 1
A. 8×3 Close-grip bench press @ 50% (you can go higher than 50% as long as you do not lose speed) — focus on speed on the pressing portion

B. Strict straight-bar dips: 4×4-6 weighted if possible

C. Upright row: 4×8 AHAP

D. Strict bodyweight rows: 4×10-12
NOTE: Use a smith machine or similar rack for this; lie down in horizontal position holding onto the bar with body elevated. Pull chest to bar and lower back down.

Day 2
A. Snatch-grip Deadlift from deficit (2” deficit): 3×3 @ 90%+ (build up like last week. These need to be perfect, don’t let your ass shoot up first, maintain perfect back position to work the legs!)

B. Weighted hip extensions on GHD: 4×10 holding plate to chest

C. Hamstring curl machine: 3×10

2 sets:
AMRAP 2 minutes:
Weighted crunches (45# plate)
** Rest 2 minutes between sets

Day 3
A. Bench press: 3×3 @ 90%+ (build up same as last week)

B. Barbell triceps extension lying on bench (skull crushers): 6×12 at moderate weight

C1. Seated dumbbell strict press: 6×12 moderate weight
C2. Dumbbell bent-over row: 6×12 moderate weight

Day 4
A. High bar back squat: 10×3 AHAP @ 23×1 tempo — this needs to be FAST, if the standup slows down at any point then lower the weight

B. Good mornings: 3×8 AHAP

C. Russian KB/DB swings: 4×10 heaviest possible for explosiveness

D. AMRAP 3 minutes of: Strict hanging straight leg raises


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