Remote Misses, Trauma and Evolution: An Introduction

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Author Malcolm Gladwell discusses the concept of a “remote miss” in his book David and Goliath which I cannot recommend highly enough. He defines this concept when discussing the Nazi bombings of London during World War II. Officials in London were deeply concerned that the siege on the city would cause trauma to the population, and they believed this trauma had the potential to be so severe that it could shift the tides of war in favor of the Germans.

Something very interesting happened that the officials in London did not expect: the bombs actually had the opposite effect. Most citizens in London at the time became happy, positive and content in their daily lives despite much of the city being left in ruin around them.

A “remote miss” is any kind of trauma that is far enough removed from the individual that it can actually have a positive benefit. Those who survived the bombings became desensitized to their effect and went about their daily lives feeling happier, more confident and even safer than they had prior to the city being sieged. This is a powerful concept for us to understand in modern times. Trauma, difficulty, hardship and sacrifice are all things that can actually be an advantage despite, at first, seeming like a substantial disadvantage. This theme is the entire reason that I wanted to create this blog.

There are numerous ways that you can, right now at this very moment, take deeper control of your own life and your own destiny. Oftentimes, people don’t realize this because it is almost always disguised as hard work and discipline. This blog is an effort to help you achieve better stability, balance and satisfaction in your own life. It will not always be easy, and it will almost always be uncomfortable, but think back to the people in London during World War II.

While you won’t need to face literal bombs in order to improve your outlook on life, you will need to assault your preconceived notions about how the world works and get a little bit uncomfortable in order to unlock your true potential and achieve genuine happiness.

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