Power Program: Wednesday 5.18.16

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Wednesday 5.18.16

A. AMRAP 30 minutes at aerobic pace:
2 minute Assault bike
10 DB Cuban press (light)
20 Free-standing shoulder taps (or short handstand walk)
2 minute row
10 Hanging shouler-blade retractions
Double/Triple-under practice (pick a small amount of reps you can consistently hit in a reasonable amount of time)

B. Lacrosse ball front of shoulder and pec: 3-5 minutes each side
C. Foam roll lats/serratus: 3 minutes each side working down from armpit
D. Double ball in mid back: Pick 3 locations and lift hips; perform 15 “crunches” on double ball in each of these locations to mobilize T-spine
E. Banded couch stretch: 3 minutes each side


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