Power Program: Wednesday 4.6.16

 In Power Program

Wednesday 4.6.16

A. At aerobic pace, move through 45 minutes of:
3 minute easy bike
10 Powell raises each arm light
3 minute easy shuttle run
20 scapular push-ups

B. Banded lunge stretch (attach band to beam and loop around one leg under butt cheek; banded leg steps back into deep reverse lunge; squeeze that butt cheek and push hips forward while maintaining neutral spine): 4 minutes per side
C. Banded ankle stretch (band around ankle, facing away from beam; drive banded knee forward while keeping foot flat and “floss” back and forth in this position): 3 minutes per side
D. T-spine opener on double lacrosse ball: 10 crunches in each position
NOTE: Put the double lax ball in mid/upper back at base of shoulderblades. Plant heels flat and tuck chin. Lift hips off ground, then proceed to do 10 “crunches” on the lax balls. Roll the balls higher on the back, repeat the crunches. Repeat one more time in the final, highest position underneath the traps.


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