Power Program: Wednesday 3.2.16

 In Power Program

Wednesday 3.2.16

A. Spend 30 minutes rotating through the following:
2 minute light bike
10 Scapular push-ups
1 minute single unders
10 Hanging shoulderblade retractions
1 minute lunge steps (unweighted)
10 Band pull-aparts

B. Couch stretch: 3 minutes per side
C. Pigeon stretch: 2-3 minutes per side
D. T-spine opener on foam roller: 2 minutes (get up slowly out of this position)
NOTE: Put foam roller perpendicular to body and place it across the middle to upper part of your back. Relax hips to the ground and relax head/shoulders towards ground. Let the foam roller gently open up your thoracic spine.


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