Power Program: Wednesday 2.24.16

 In Power Program

Wednesday 2.24.16

A. Spend 30 minutes rotating through the following:
2 minute light bike
5 inch worms
2 minute light row
Ankle mobility of your choice ~2 minutes per side
Overhead KB carry 20 steps per arm light/moderate

B. Lacrosse ball inside upper quad/hip flexor area: 2 minutes per side
C. Active couch stretch: 30 reps per leg
NOTE: For the active couch, get into the couch stretch position; touch the ground with the same arm as the rear leg, then touch the wall behind you while sitting up as tall as possible. Go back and forth for each rep.

D. T-spine opener on foam roller: 2 minutes (get up slowly out of this position)
NOTE: Put foam roller perpendicular to body and place it across the middle to upper part of your back. Relax hips to the ground and relax head/shoulders towards ground. Let the foam roller gently open up your thoracic spine.


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