Power Program: Saturday 9.26.15

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Saturday 9.26.15

A. Kettlebell Complex (10 Single-arm Russian swings, 10 SA KB Clean, 10 SA KB snatch): 4 sets heaviest possible
NOTE: For the KB complex, perform all reps of each movement unbroken on one arm. Rest as needed before doing the same complex unbroken on the other arm.

B1. Lateral plate raises (overhead): 3×10
B2. Band pull-aparts: 3×15
B3. Prone PVC pass-through: 3×10
NOTE: For the prone pass-through, lie face-down and keep chest/chin in contact with the floor. Grab PVC at arm’s reach and perform a pass-through, bringing PVC all the way overhead and in contact with lower back before bringing it back overhead towards the floor.


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