Power Program: Monday 9.14.15

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Monday 9.14.15

A1. Bulgarian Split squats: 1×8; 4×6 heavy (same weight across all sets ideally)

B1. Single-leg jump over (put a PVC, broomstick, etc on plates or boxes and jump over the stick using one leg): 5×8 (4 each foot)
B2. Standing broad jump: 5×5 for distance (rest between jumps as needed)

NOTE: For the single-leg jump-over, set up a PVC pipe or similar object on top of plates or boxes. Standing on one leg, jump up and over the PVC to the other side, landing on the same leg. Alternate legs each jump.

C. FLR hold (full-lockout on rings; hold a front plank position on low rings with palms facing each other): 3x :45 holds


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