Power Program: Monday 12.14.15

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Monday 12.14.15

A. Front squat: Build to heavy double for the day with ZERO LOSS IN SPEED
NOTE: This will NOT be a 2RM or even close to it. This is the heaviest set of 2 front squats you can perform where minimal speed is lost when compared with your warm-up reps.

B1. Bounding single leg high jump (Super Marios): 4×5 each leg
B2. Russian KB swings: 4×10 heaviest possible
NOTE: For the Super Marios, think of it as a skip driving the same arm and same leg in the air as high as possible. Immediately land and go to the other leg.

C1. Weighted back extensions: 3×10
C2. GHD sit-ups: 3×15-25 (advanced athletes can perform 3×10-15 weighted)


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