Power Program: Monday 10.17.16

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Monday 10.17.16

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be the final week of the “power program” being posted to the blog. The website will evolve to offer the weekly strength programs here at a discounted rate ($10 monthly vs the current $20 monthly) and we will also be offering stand-alone strength programs for sale at a substantially discounted rate versus monthly customized programming options. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at justin@trainedwright.com!


A. Front squat @ 22×1 tempo: Build to heavy set of 2 for the day (aim for max from two weeks ago)

B1. Stripper squats: 4×8 heavier than last week
B2. Seated single leg high jumps: 4×6 ea leg
NOTE: For B2, do a single leg squat to a box and settle weight briefly on the box. Roll weight forward off of the box and back onto the single leg, then immediately jump straight up into the air as high as possible off of that leg. Alternate legs until you have completed the 6 reps on each side.

C. Hip mobility: 10 minutes


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