Why do you Crossift?Crossfit_Trenton_Goertzen_01

I used to do a lot of rock climbing previous to Crossfit but had taken a couple of years off from that and was out of shape from sitting at a desk every day. I also kept on getting finger injuries from climbing, so I needed something that wouldn’t aggravate those. Crossfit was a natural progression from climbing because of the community aspect of it. I didn’t want to go to a gym, run on a treadmill, wear headphones and be isolated from the rest of the world. We aren’t meant to be isolated and the community at RCR has been amazing!

What is your motivation, why fitness, and is there something specifically that motivated you to lead a more active lifestyle?

I have always been skinny… I was unhappy with the way I looked and lacked self-confidence. I decided to take responsibility and started doing more fitness because I knew that only I had the power to change something about myself I didn’t like. I realize now that it would be tough for me to make massive gains, but because I am confident in my abilities, I am fine with that and my body type. I am content and value that everyone has their specific strengths and weaknesses. And as an added bonus, I really like that it has enabled me to be in better shape to do other sports/outdoor activities without specifically having to train for them.


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