MJSince the beginning of March, you may have noticed me in the background battling my way through programming provided by Coach Ken. The goal:

A Muscle Up

I was approached by Coach Ken last February when he saw me flailing around on the rings attempting to get an impossible muscle up. It was a lost cause to be certain, but I was convinced (and correct) this was something that was going to be included in the 2015 Open – maybe I would, by some strange chance, be able to do it… Maybe I would be able pull it off, right? Long story short: No, it wasn’t going to magically happen for me. Ken offered the tools to be able to get a muscle up. I would have to be diligent and put the time into it, but he assured me it was entirely possible and that it could happen in just a few months.

I have been on Ken’s programming since the first week of March. The goal was the muscle up, but the benefits and gains I have experienced since starting have been amazing. To name a few, my hand stand push-ups have improved significantly since I have been able to remove the ab mats, increase the amount of reps I can do and have even gone into deficits. My bar grip has improved where pull up and toes to bar reps have increased as well as stamina to continue doing them. In addition, I have PR’d all of my lifts significantly. The past three months have been very exciting for me.

I am also very happy to announce that on June 5th around 5 pm, with Coach Ken, I performed my very first muscle up. I know it did not magically happen for me because I have worked hard for it. But, the feeling I experienced after finally reaching my goal most definitely was. I am pumped to see how I do in next years 2016 Open.

Thank you Coach Ken and the RCR Team for your help and support,

MJ Ramsay

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