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I’ve always been a jack of all sports, but a master of none. Crossfit has allowed me to utilize all of my skills. Nothing has tested my physical and mental toughness, more than this, and that’s why I love it. Crossfit has pushed me to try and succeed at things I never imagined I could do. It has taught me that a persons potential is limitless. The supportive, loving and friendly community are also what draws me back every day. I train hard and get to hang out with my best friends every day. What could be better?! Crossfit has also helped me to develop professionally as a coach. The knowledge I have acquired through coaching Crossfit, will help me for many years to come.

What is your motivation, why fitness, and is there something specifically that motivated you to lead a more active lifestyle?

I choose to lead an active lifestyle because I am a born competitor. I need it to feel sane and function in day to day life. I also like to know that whatever physical challenge is thrown my way, there is no second guessing as to whether I can accomplish it.



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