jaykammererWhat led you to CrossFit?
Well I was going to Mount Royal University gym and doing your typical workouts, which was a lot of focus on looks and your typical bulk, shed, and build. My workouts switched up every 2-3 months when I eventually felt I plateaued. Don’t get me wrong I think the traditional gym is a good start as I lost 85lbs working at it there, but just wasn’t satisfied anymore. I had a friend tell me about Crossfit and I went to his box with him and did a WOD, however I was not sold as I was new and the coaches there didn’t seem to take that into consideration, so the workout was not the best and they simply took my drop in fee. I later came in talked to Ken and he stood behind his gym and simply said “Come try it, and if it is not for you then no problem.” So I came in and gave it a shot, as I simply wanted to learn how to climb a rope and build my leg strength for my Spartan Races. I found the Coaches have been superb and the everyone else who comes in here very supportive, and this is a big reason RCR is so successful and I have not looked back since.

What keeps you here?
It is not one specific thing that keeps me here. It is a combination of things. For me, I enjoy constantly improving and getting better, so once I achieve a goal, I set another one. Anything from learning how to do kipping, lifting heavier, to wanting to improve all around and catch the person stronger or faster.

What has changed in your life since CrossFit?
One thing that has definitely changed is that I now always know that when things seem unreachable whether it be in everyday life or fitness goals, they definitely are not if you want it bad enough and push hard enough to get it.

What’s your favourite Reebok CrossFit Ramsay memory?
For me the most memorable moments were when Michelle stayed and worked with me and patiently worked with me on how to do a rope climb, and I finally got it. I was super pumped as I had a Spartan Race coming up. Also a great memory was when I got 30 Kipping pull ups unbroken.


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