Introspect First: How to Create Meaningful Resolutions

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We are approaching arguably the most popular time to set goals and create plans for success in the coming year. New Year’s celebrations give way to countless resolutions for self-improvement, many of which are forgotten as quickly as they are formulated. How then can we create lasting resolutions that actually motivate us to instigate change?

The key to setting meaningful goals and creating resolutions that stick is to first begin with an honest self-assessment. When is the last time you have taken a good look in the mirror and listed out your strengths and weaknesses? If you have done this, how honest were you with your own shortcomings?

It is important that we do not dwell on negativity or emphasize our weaknesses; however, it is crucial that we understand those weaknesses so we can set realistic goals for self-improvement. Be honest with your bad traits, but also be honest with your good ones. It is equally important that you give yourself credit for the things that you do well!

Also realize that strong traits you possess in certain areas of your life may serve you well in other areas. During a recent consultation, the client I spoke with expressed a lack of confidence in making decisions with regard to some new opportunities that had been presented in their life. This client was a well-respected and successful professional who was often in charge of making important decisions that would shape the future direction of their team and company. They never faltered in these crucial moments and had spearheaded a number of successful initiatives throughout their career. For them, they simply needed to apply this same confidence and skill in their personal life that they had so adeptly expressed in their professional life.

Realize that you have key strengths to embrace and emphasize, but also understand that everyone has very real and tangible things that they need to improve in order to be the best version of themselves. This is where your resolutions should originate. Your task is the following: list three strengths and three weaknesses. Be as honest as possible even if it makes you uncomfortable; a true self-assessment will take you to some deep places and force you to confront your demons head on. Once you understand this list, continue to apply your strengths to other areas of your life while creating a plan of action to improve your weaknesses. This will allow you to construct New Year’s resolutions that have some weight and carry enough importance for you to begin working with a purpose.

Don’t just come up with a slew of random resolutions for 2018. Start by analyzing what you do well and areas where you need to improve. Use this knowledge to construct a plan for continuing to utilize your strengths while chipping away at your weaknesses. This will force you to face some difficult and uncomfortable realizations about the type of person you are. It will also provide some enlightenment and a deeper understanding of how you can improve. Create resolutions that matter!

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