Peaks and Valleys: Consistency vs Chasing Miracles

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Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

— Dwayne Johnson

The basketball legend Kobe Bryant is just as well-known for his training and practice habits as he is for the success he experienced on the court. While playing in high school he showed up to the gym at 5am and was the last one to leave practice at night. During his professional career, Bryant would practice each day until he made 400 successful shots and would often watch game film during halftime to tighten up his play. The reason for this obsession was so that he could play consistently well and minimize the mistakes he made when it mattered.

A client recently described this concept to me in a “lightbulb moment” of sorts: success does not depend on maximizing the peaks of our performance, but often depends on minimizing the valleys. Having shining moments is great, but success over time depends on doing the little things well and making sure that we can minimize the mistakes that are within our control. Much like a great boxer, haymakers do not win fights; Floyd Mayweather is widely touted as the greatest boxer of our time and won his fights with sound defense and an obsession with minimizing mistakes.

This concept, when applied to your own life, can give you some truly remarkable mileage towards personal success. Habits, both good and bad, take time to form; be mindful of your daily actions and make sure you are spending adequate energy and time on minimizing your personal valleys. Waking up early one day to get to the gym and be productive is quickly overshadowed by sleeping in and being lethargic on the other days. Spending one day focusing on your business idea won’t gain you much traction if you procrastinate and waste time the rest of the week. Focus instead on building positive daily habits versus chasing those small blips on the radar of success.

Those who have become role models in your life have probably gained that status through consistent greatness in their respective field. This is the result of daily habits that have allowed them to remain focused day in and day out. Habit and routine are two things shared by almost every successful person in this world; these habits have allowed them to minimize their valleys and build momentum towards greater accomplishments.

Don’t focus on chasing the big moments, the big deals, the one-time successes. Focus your effort on consistency; these continuous, small efforts each day will add up over time to help you minimize mistakes and build habits that can help you achieve your goals. In order to climb the mountain of success you must first minimize your valleys!

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