About Justin Wright

My name is Justin and I am a lifelong student. I grew up fascinated with exercise – my mother and her boyfriend were both competitive bodybuilders, Arnold was in his prime, and I was entranced by the muscled figures I saw on stage and in the movies. They showed me how to lift weights and train my body to better succeed in wrestling when I was a young boy. I went from being tossed around in practice to becoming the captain of my high school team, in large part because of this mentorship. This taught me two things: the importance of discipline and the direct correlation between hard work and results. These lessons would serve me well as I grew older.

I graduated from Boston College, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. Due to a series of injuries, I left combat sports behind and discovered CrossFit. I became obsessed, and my goal was to compete at the highest level. It would take me 7 years to realize this dream, but I would ultimately compete at the CrossFit Games and spend two years as a professional athlete doing what I loved.

I helped open Invictus Boston (formerly Reebok CrossFit Back Bay) in 2012 and rolled the dice to follow my dreams. Now the Head Coach, helping run this facility has allowed me to embrace my love of science and my passion for health and wellness. The gym is the ultimate laboratory where I have been able to positively affect the lives of countless people on their journeys towards becoming their best selves. It is through these experiments that I arrived upon one of the most important conclusions of my career: there are three main pillars involved in building a healthy individual. These pillars are the mental, physical, and emotional. If any of them are ignored, the foundation crumbles. One cannot be healthy and well without working to improve all three.

This has led me down the rabbit hole to where you and I are interacting now. This site is the culmination of experimenting, journeying, and working to improve the lives of others. Through much trial, substantial error, countless years of hard work, and a perverse obsession with the lessons found in hardship and struggle, I have learned a number of ways to develop strength and resilience. My Alma Mater raises up the idea of being “men and women for others,” and this is something that I have tried to embody throughout my career. I do what I do because I love helping people, and this is the arena in which I believe I am the most effective.

Whether I am working with athletes and clients in the gym, helping businesses develop winning teams, consulting with thought leaders on how to positively change their organizations, or guiding average people towards success and happiness, this has truly become my life’s work. I am so happy that you are here to join me. Take off your coat and stay awhile!

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