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About me

I've been working with clients in a number of domains for well over 10 years. My personal journey is an interesting one, from graduating top of my class with a degree in chemistry and math, to helping grow one of the most successful gyms in the city of Boston, to spending a number of years as a professional CrossFit athlete and competing at the CrossFit Games. Through all of these experiences I have learned best how to optimize my life to achieve peak performance.

My coaching philosophy centers around discovering the root causes of problems for my clients and prescribing actionable steps to fix those problems. I don't speak in generalities, we attack issues head on.

Don't take it from me, hear it from my clients.

I reached out to Justin because I was having trouble navigating a difficult transition in my life. At the time, I felt uneasy, lacking the tools or energy needed to rise to the occasion. My conversations with Justin helped me pinpoint issues, both subconscious and practical, that were preventing me from giving my best. We identified the problems and created a plan for success. Justin delivers a style of performance coaching that leads with compassion while remaining direct and action-oriented. If you'd like to work with someone that can help you give your best everyday, I can't recommend Justin enough.

Gym Owner

Having worked out my entire life, playing sports and being very active, I never thought of going to a trainer. I was introduced to Justin through a good friend of mine who encouraged me to work out with him. Justin is incredible! He works with you on crafting goals, identifying areas to work on, and putting a program in place that helps you get there. The 1:1 coaching has benefited me the most and helped me go from knees and a back that I thought I was going to need surgery to fix, to being able to run, jump, play basketball, and continue my active lifestyle. Thanks Justin!

Tech VP

When my husband Chris died at 35, Justin was one of the few people who understood that my physical capabilities were dramatically impacted by my emotional well-being. Some days I could barely stretch. We worked to build my body and mind back to a new place, developing a mutual respect and a clear partnership. Justin and I discussed so much during our training: optimal nutrition, mental and physical toughness, meditation, working and non-working relationships, realistic life goals, and the interconnection of our bodies and minds. The overarching impact of our relationship is now very clear.

Non-Profit Chair/Former Commodities Trader

In searching for a coach who could work with my team, I found Justin. The focus of our engagement was to support me in driving better team communication, proper goal setting and to enhance work-life balance. Justin guided me in developing improved process for better workflow but most importantly, he engaged team members to speak freely and offer strategies for better communication with our leadership team. He achieved this via one-on-one conversations and group presentations. Four years later, I still connect with Justin to share the positive outcomes he helped to drive within our workspace.

Chief of Staff, SFP Wealth

Overwhelmed, missed deadlines, difficulty managing life’s stressors, goals feel out of reach? This was me before working with Justin. He’s been my coach for over 5 years, providing me and my family with life-changing skills and guidance, fitness and nutritional programming, and individual life strategy meetings. My parenting skills, personal and professional relationships, and general well-being have benefited immeasurably from Justin’s coaching. Justin is not only a kind, measured, and firm voice of guidance, he is a seasoned professional with a unique ability to aid teams and individuals.


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