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  • Training Log: Monday/Tuesday 5.4.15/5.5.15

    I had a couple decent training days to start this week off and almost hit a snatch PR from the floor which is always exciting. Movements felt pretty good all-around so far this week and I am happy with everything. My legs are still fatigued from last week and I missed some of my percentages, but this is to be expected.


    A. E2M for 8 sets:
    Hang Snatch + Snatch building

    These felt pretty good. Afterwards I tried a few pulls from the floor at 280 and 282; the last attempt at 282 was extremely close and I lost it behind me on the way up.

    B. Back Squats
    6 @ 300
    4 @ 350
    2 @ 395
    6 @ 350
    4 @ 395
    2 @ 440 (X)
    3-4 @ 420 (used 385)
    3-4 @ 420 (used 385)

    Squats felt tough today. I was able to hit up through 4 @ 395 (85%) but missed the set at 440 (95%). I backed off the last two sets to 385 and hit 4 clean reps on each set.

    C. 4 sets:
    :45 Max Strict HSPU



    A. “Linda” 10-1 reps for time of:
    Deadlift (1.5x bodyweight — 300#)
    Bench Press (bodyweight — 200#)
    Power Cleans (.75x bodyweight — 150#)

    Finished this up in 22:05 and definitely felt beat up after it. This took a lot out of my posterior chain.


    A. 4 sets of:
    5-7 Weighted neutral-grip pull-ups
    Rest 2:00
    12-15 Push-ups @ 21×1 tempo
    Rest 2:00

    Pulls = 6/6/6/6 with 45# plate
    Push = 15/15/15/15

    B. 3 sets of:
    Row 500m
    Rest 2:20

    * Rest 3:00 after 3rd set, then

    2 sets:
    Row 500m
    Rest 2:20

    1) 1:39.8
    2) 1:39.1
    3) 1:38.8
    4) 1:38.3
    5) 1:37.5
    These felt better and more sustainable than previous weeks. Backing off the pace a bit was the right move.

    Final Thoughts

    My hamstrings and I are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Excited to train with a couple teammates on Thursday and then gearing up for our training camp preceding the first Grid match of the season!

  • Training Log: Saturday 5.2.15

    Today was a fun day of practice for the upcoming McKinley race with some work through the elements of Race 1. The workout today, however, was not fun in any way, shape, or form. Hard workout that required a big push and I am not 100 percent satisfied with the time, but it’s something.

    A. Quadrants 1+2 of McKinley Race 1:
    8 KB C&J (2x20kg)
    8 Pistol stick-overs (6″)
    6 KB C&J (2x24kg)
    6 Pistol stick-overs (12″)

    Finished in 1:07 including time running in from start zone and brief trip-up on last pistol of Q2.

    Rest as needed (~5 minutes)

    B. Quadrants 2+3 of McKinley Race 1:
    6 KB C&J (2x24kg)
    6 Pistol stick-overs (12″)
    4 KB C&J (2x32kg)
    4 Pistol stick-overs (18″)

    Finished in 0:55 including time running in from start zone.

    Rest/warm-up front squat and S2OH @ 205#

    C. 15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
    Front Squats (205)
    S2OH (205)
    * Bar taken from floor

    Finished in 13:45 and collapsed in a puddle of sweat. Squats felt good as did the overhead, but time between sets was too long. Had a hard time getting back on the bar during this one.

    Final Thoughts

    Pretty happy with my Race 1 testing although I know I can move a bit faster. Talked with our coach and found out that snatches might be allowed in season which would make things significantly faster for me. I find the two-part movement of the C&J to be awkward especially with light weights. The workout was tough and I felt like I moved slow, but at least I was able to go for big sets on each movement.

  • Training Log: Friday 5.1.15

    Yesterday morning I did another run-through of the Thruster Ladder for our upcoming McKinley race to see if I could add a couple more bars while staying within my allotted time. I managed to get through 9 bars (105-225) in exactly 40 seconds; it’s good to know I can add 2 bars to my previous ┬átotal and still manage to finish by that 40s mark. Today’s training was a lot of fun, and it was honestly one of the first great training days I have had in a few weeks.

    A. Build quickly to heavy single Front Squat for the day (if it slows down, stop)
    I managed to hit 410 for a 5# PR here. These felt great across the board, and even the 410 felt fairly fast for a new 1RM.

    B. “King Kong” 3 RFT of:
    1 Deadlift (455)
    2 Muscle-ups
    3 Squat cleans (250)
    4 HSPU

    Finished in 3:01 with strict HSPU. Would have been sub-3 but missed 1 clean due to my hand slipping on the pull. This was a PR for me so I am happy. I also screwed up my plate math and pulled an easy/fast 485# deadlift during warm-ups, so I would be interested to see where my 1RM is now.

    Rest ~ 6:00, then

    C. For time:
    30 Burpees
    40 Double DB G2OH (45# each hand)
    50 T2B
    100′ OH Walking lunge (45# plate)

    Finished in 13:08 here. This one was tough to push through following the heart rate spike of King Kong.

    Final Thoughts

    I am pumped with today. My legs haven’t felt at 100% for a little while so hitting a PR front squat was a much-needed confidence boost. King Kong felt great and the weights felt easy which means I’m making some progress on that front. Looking forward to training tomorrow and then watching the Mayweather v Pacquiao fight!


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