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  • Training Log: Thursday/Friday 4.23.15/4.24.15

    Thursday was a fun GRID training day with my Iron teammate, Jessa Lemoine, while Friday was a bit lighter since Thursday was so taxing. I need to get better across the board for the upcoming season, but it is nice to push hard with a teammate there to support me.


    A. Front Squats, EMOTM for 6 sets:
    1 @ 50% (205)
    1 @ 60% (245)
    1 @ 70% (285)
    1 @ 75% (305)
    1 @ 80% (325)
    1 @ 85% (345)
    * Based off 405 max

    All sets complete without too much issue. No belt worn on any sets here.

    B. GRID training

    8-6-4-2 reps for time of:
    KB Push Press (2x32kg)
    Rest :20 between sets
    8 = :11
    6 = :11 (bells slipped on initial clean)
    4 = :06
    2 = :03

    Rest 3:00

    2 Sets for times:
    10 OH Squats (165)
    5 DB Burpee box-overs (24″/2×75#)
    10 Hang cleans (205#)
    Rest 3:00 between sets
    1 = 1:30
    2 = 2:05
    The DB Burpee box-overs right into the hang cleans was a tough combo. My hamstrings were fried and pulling the hang clean felt really tough.

    Rest 3:00

    Every :30 for 10 sets:
    1 Squat clean thruster (235)
    Hit 7/10 reps successfully here. Bar felt very heavy at this point.

    Rest 10:00

    For times:
    18-15-12-9-6-3 unbroken T2B
    Rest :30 between sets
    18 = :20
    15 = :17
    12 = :14
    9 = :11
    6 = :13 (missed toe touch on last rep so had to jump back up and redo it)
    3 = :04
    These got really tough to stay fast and tight through the midline. Already feel how tired my hip flexors are going to be tomorrow.


    A. Build to heavy single power clean
    Worked up to 295 pretty clean and missed one attempt at 305/called it there. Hip flexors and midline are smoked from yesterday so the pull felt weak.

    B. AMRAP 5 of:
    Power cleans (80% of today’s heavy)

    Used 245 (83% of today) and hit 26 reps. I failed rep 27 at the buzzer.

    C. 4 sets of:
    1:30 to complete:
    Row 250m
    Max burpees in remaining time
    Rest 2:00 between rounds 1+2 and rounds 3+4; rest 5:30 between rounds 2+3

    1) 19
    2) 19
    3) 19
    4) 18
    This was tough but I felt like I pushed well despite my body being in rough shape. Happy with the burpee numbers here, but I really wanted 20 reps.

    Final Thoughts

    Thursday was difficult, and it got a lot harder with Jessa there to push me. I am happy with how hard I worked these past two days. The numbers aren’t necessarily mind-blowing, and I knew going into Friday that my clean wouldn’t be high, but I am happy with my effort. I also managed to get another couple successful back uprises on Friday, but they were pretty ugly and I am not effectively transferring enough energy from the heel drive. Looking forward to resting on Sunday but I have one more training day to push through tomorrow.

  • Training Log: Tuesday 4.21.15

    Although the journey is just beginning, I am happy to announce that I was drafted to the Boston Iron in the 5th round of the 2015 NPGL Draft! I was the second male athlete selected for the Iron in this year’s draft, with our first 3 picks going to beefing up the female side of our team. This will be a much different year for the Iron, the team is looking strong so far!

    A. Back Squats
    Set 1 – 60% x 6 reps (280)
    Set 2 – 70% x 4 reps (325)
    Set 3 – 80% x 2 reps (370)
    Set 4 – 70% x 6 reps (325)
    Set 5 – 80% x 4 reps (370)
    Set 6 – 90% x 2 reps (420)
    Set 7 – 85% x 4 reps (395)
    Set 8 – 85% x 4 reps (395)

    Hit everything up through a single at 420, didn’t quite have that second rep in me today. I did manage to hit the two sets of 4 at 395 without too much difficulty, however. Legs are still sore from the Combine but I was happy to hit all of these lifts without a belt or lifting shoes.

    B. Bench Press
    Set 1 – 60% x 5 reps (175)
    Set 2 – 75% x 3 reps (215)
    Set 3 – 85% x 1 reps (235)
    Set 4 – 80% x 3 reps (230)
    Set 5 – 85% x 3 reps (245)
    Set 6 – 90% x 2 reps (260)
    Set 7 – 75% x 8 reps (215)X
    Set 8 – 75% x 8 reps (215)X

    All sets through 90% felt fairly easy, but my left pec/shoulder are still very sore/tight from the Combine this past weekend. Decided to skip the volume sets as well as some DB pressing I was supposed to do after this.

    C. 3 sets:
    Row 500m (fast but sustainable pace)
    Rest 2:50

    1) 1:31.0
    2) 1:34.1
    3) 1:39.0
    I felt great on the first row and felt like 1:31 was a sustainable pace. I wasn’t too burnt out and I didn’t feel like my lungs were being crushed. What I found when starting the second row is that my upper body soreness led to complete upper body failure about halfway through. My back and shoulders were fried and I could barely keep pulling. This is what caused the drop-off in sets 2 and 3: my arms were throbbing and I had zero pull.

    Final Thoughts

    Getting drafted is a dream come true. I am looking forward to getting a chance to play for Boston instead of coach this season; last year was fun but I knew that I was in the wrong place. This gives me added motivation to keep pushing through training in preparation for the upcoming season. I am excited to start training with my new teammates and I hope to continue my progression up until the first match against DC!

  • Training Log: GRID Combine Recap

    I have been meaning to write a quick recap on this year’s GRID Combine that I attended this past weekend in the DC area. Overall the event was a great experience both as an athlete and an individual; I learned a lot about myself as an athlete and how to best apply my skills in a team setting. All of the preparation in the world doesn’t compare to actually racing full-speed on the GRID.


    We got off to a late start on Saturday because there were issues in physically transporting the rig to the venue. Once we got started, we ran through 12 teams going through each race, one at a time, in pairs. This meant that there were some stretches of time where we waited an hour between races. For a sport where it takes about 2 hours to finish an entire match, this made things a bit awkward. Warming up and prepping had to be stretched out, I had to eat more than I would typically between events to maintain my energy levels, and I found that I had a severe amount of mental fatigue by the end of the day. It’s difficult to red line in one event and then have a 45-60 minute downtime before doing it again. I don’t think that I got to showcase my skills as much as I’d like on Saturday, but I did get to show my speed on the Partner Forward race and on the Thruster Ladder.


    Sunday ran much smoother and the downtime between events was minimized. I was put on a team with some stellar athletes and we did fairly well; the best part about everyone was that people were very realistic and honest with their abilities and what they could/couldn’t do. This made it a lot easier to strategize and put people into the right roles. Once again, I got to showcase my speed and barbell cycling a bit, but I also got to show off a little bit of my gymnastics skills. I was satisfied with my performance on Sunday, especially when compared with the first day. On a side note, the soft-stones and walls are some cool new elements being added to the sport this year.

    Race 8 "Jack & Jill" with @livinpaleo and @danipatriots #gymnasty @gridleague #GRID #GRIDCombine #GRIDathlete

    A video posted by Justin Wright (@ironwrightjustn) on

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I am happy with my performances on both days and am especially happy with how Sunday went. The draft is tomorrow and you can all follow-along at home by checking out www.npgl.com starting at 11:00am EST time. I rested today but did get a chance to play around with gymnastics a bit for fun; managed to finally get that back uprise that has been eluding me (videos to come once they look half as good as a 6 year-old gymnast). I’m excited for the draft and hopefully for the 2015 season!


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