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  • Training Log: Friday/Saturday 3.27.15/3.28.15

    My good friend Greg Lukas brought his “Be Awesome” campaign to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay for our final Saturday Open event of the year. Everyone hit 15.5 hard and the energy was awesome; Greg has been so giving to us as a community at Back Bay that we can’t thank him enough for all that he has done and continues to do. I wish I could have been there for the whole event today, Greg, but I’m glad I caught you before you left!

    Friday – Open WOD 15.5

    I tackled the final Open workout on Friday because I am actually attending my CrossFit L2 Seminar this weekend. This workout hurt just as bad as everyone expected it to, and for anyone who has already tackled this beast words don’t really do it justice. The round of 27 was okay since I was fresh, getting back on the rower hurt a little bit, the set of 21 thrusters started to get pretty bad, and I think the start of the 15 Cal row was where I really hated it. Getting back on the bar for 15 thrusters was one of the more painful things I have done, but I reminded myself that I only had one set of thrusters between me and the round of 9’s. I closed out strong and banged out the last 9 thrusters quickly for a final time of 7:04. I am really happy with this time given my level of conditioning and my expectations going into this year’s Open; I was also glad to achieve my primary goal of performing all the thrusters unbroken. I didn’t expect to perform as well as I did, so I am content with the results and hungry for next year.

    Saturday – Partner WOD at Reebok ONE

    As I mentioned, I am attending the CrossFit L2 Seminar at Reebok CrossFit ONE this weekend and am fortunate enough to be there with two of my good friends and co-coaches from RCFBB. My training partner Bern and I tackled the partner WOD prescribed to us today at the seminar which was:

    AMRAP 8:
    45 Squat cleans (135#)
    45 Ring dips
    * Partition the reps between partners

    We stuck to a plan of alternating sets of 5 across the board and went in with a decision to go at a moderate pace and not push too hard. Unfortunately, we both got competitive due to the high energy and atmosphere there. We ended up picking up speed in our second round and almost finished two full rounds in the 8 minutes. Our final score was 1+85.

    Final Thoughts

    I need to briefly reflect on this year’s Open at this point. I made the decision going into the Open this year to give it my best effort but not take things too seriously since I knew that my true goal was to get drafted in the NPGL this upcoming season. It was still difficult to remain emotionally detached from the leaderboard and I found myself still thinking about it and caring deeply about my results; I didn’t necessarily care what my scores were for me personally, but I know that our team will need everything it can get this year to qualify for Regionals. I felt like I gave my best effort and am happy with most of my results from this year. There is always room for improvement, but I genuinely pushed myself as hard as possible in almost every situation. It was a good Open season, but now my sights are set on April 18th and 19th for this year’s NPGL Combine.

  • Training Log: Wednesday 3.25.15

    Today involved some heavy cleans and some speed work for GRID training. The cleans felt great up until 325 and that set felt very hard along with a few heavier attempts. The speed work went great for the first two rounds and the last round, well, you’ll see.

    A. Every 2 minutes for 8 sets: Clean 1.1
    225/255/265/275/285/295/305/325 then a couple single attempts at 345/347/342
    Every bar until 325 felt great and I lost my upper back substantially on the 325 lifts. Technique felt better and I am starting to get speed back out of the bottom, so overall it was a good lifting day.

    B. Clean pulls: 4×3
    I kept 342 on the bar for all of these pulls. Bar felt heavy off the floor and got away from me a bit but these felt okay.

    C. Back squats
    I was supposed to do singles up to 95% but my lower back and hips tightened up a bit after the cleans so I skipped these for today.

    D. 3 Rounds AFAP:
    10 Power Snatches (135#)
    10 DB Thrusters (2×50#)
    10 DB Swings (100#)
    Rest 3:00 between rounds

    1) :58
    2) 1:07
    3) 2:33
    Holy shit. That third round chewed me up and spat me out. I felt like Superman the first round and cruised through everything quickly and efficiently; snatch cycling was actually the fastest it’s been. Second round was noticeably harder by the end of the thrusters and through the swings. I went unbroken on snatches in the third round and my heart went into my throat; everything spiked and I hit a wall hard as soon as I got to the DB thrusters. It’s good knowing I can push through 2 of these right now, but I need to be able to keep all 3 rounds under 1:10 moving forward.

    Final Thoughts

    Today was a good training day even though the last round of the workout kicked my ass. I felt fluid on cleans and felt very fast on the barbell cycling. DB Thrusters felt surprisingly light in the first round of the workout as well (if only they stayed that way). Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and then I will be doing 15.5 on Friday to close out the Open.

  • Training Log: Friday/Saturday 3.20.15/3.21.15

    Thanks to RCFBB member Uday for the awesome picture of me warming up for 15.4 with the competition team today.

    Friday was Open prep for 15.4 and I ended up hitting the workout on Saturday with the RCFBB competition team. I liked this Open WOD quite a bit, and I think that the new standard for measuring HSPU is an intelligent one; it nullifies the advantage that people with shorter arms typically had with the old Regionals standard. Overall this workout is pretty balanced and it will further separate the people who deserve to be at Regionals this year.


    Part of the Open prep was building to a heavy power clean. I partnered up with my good friend and training partner AJ for this and we decided to have a little clean battle. I tied a PR power clean at 315 and then ended up hitting 335 as a relatively ugly full clean. For most of the heavy reps I was having a hard time keeping my back level on the pull and lost my chest position quite a bit on the last lift. More importantly, AJ also hit 335 which was a 25# PR for him.

    Open WOD 15.4

    On Saturday I hit this workout with the rest of the comp team. As I mentioned, I thought it was a fun one and definitely wasn’t a “dark place” kind of workout like 15.3 was. I ended up with 110 reps on this and felt like I had a good pacing strategy for my skill level with HSPU. I went 6-6 on the round of 12, 8-7 on the round of 15, 6-6-6 on the 18, and 7-7-7 on the 21. In the last seconds of the workout I failed rep 21 on the HSPU but had no other missed reps during the workout. The tape line standard didn’t cause me too much trouble and I had a good amount of clearance with the line.

    Final Thoughts

    I am planning on re-testing this one even though I said I didn’t want to test any Open WODs twice this year. The main reason for this is that most of our competition team is going to do it again on Monday and I want to be there with them to support those guys. More importantly, it isn’t an extremely taxing workout and my body needs an extra day away from heavy lifting/GRID training after pushing so hard last week. Testing 15.4 again will give me a chance to recover a bit more before my Tuesday/Wednesday sessions. The big takeaway I had from my first run today was that my pacing strategy was perfect for me, but I could have moved MUCH faster on HSPU. I didn’t realize how far above the line my heels were getting and was worried about missing reps, so I moved a little too deliberately. Moving quicker on HSPU will allow me to spend less time with my shoulders loaded and hopefully boost my score into the 120’s on Monday.


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